Grown woman with baseball head transplant! Must See!

So we had our annual Halloween party at work today. I brought in my camera and took photos of the office trick or treaters. There was a contest for best costume so we had to submit our photos rather quickly and I had no way to dial them up in post production, unfortunately. Nonetheless, everyone had a good time. I’m going to give the photos a little tweaking over the weekend and bring in a CD Monday for the office. This one is one of my favourites from the day. Lina never fails to make me smile and today was no exception. She took full ownership of her baseball head and had everyone in stitches. I know she pops by my blog from time to time so maybe she’ll see her photo. Me, I didn’t dress up. By the end of the day I was so entirely exhausted I honestly started worrying about how I was going to make it home. I could barely keep my eyes open. Fortunately I split about 20 minutes early and beat most of the traffic.I might post another shot later. Hope you like this one.

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2 Responses to Grown woman with baseball head transplant! Must See!

  1. lulu says:

    Oh,this is a good photo;I like it. Thank you Dav. for volunterring to take everyone’s photo and now you are spending your time to download them on a CD; this is really apprecaitede by all of us.

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