Wide angle Eaton Centre

I’ve posted wide angle shots of the Eaton Centre in the past, but they were created by stitching photos together. This is a single photo taken with my wide angle lens back in May.

So my plans tonight fell through, unfortunately. That’s the problem with making plans with parents who have young toddlers — you never know when one or both will get sick. Oh well, another time. To be honest I just haven’t been feeling up to talking to anyone lately. When I found out my company wasn’t coming I slipped over to the pub for a pint and a bite. Even there I did not talk to anyone, just ate and read my book. I have this Toronto Photo Walks group party to go to tomorrow night. Right now I think I’m going but I have no idea how I’ll feel tomorrow. I hope I go. Seems funny to put it like that, as if it’s out of my hands. But in a way it is. I didn’t talk to anyone today and I won’t again tomorrow so by tomorrow night I might just want to stay in, I don’t know.

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3 Responses to Wide angle Eaton Centre

  1. The scope of this view is pretty impressive.

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