Hola Hooper

When I was at the Public Sector Union (formerly “Occupy Toronto”) rally a week back I saw this beautiful girl holahooping and dancing up a storm. She was awesome. What’s more, she looks remarkably like my ex-girlfriend, Claudine, from 20 years ago. Claude’s the one that got away, I suppose. Even now when I bump into her at the grocery my heart gets a-pumping. We had quite a tumultuous relationship with dramatic ups and downs, but boy did we have some fun. When things were good that was the happiest time of my life. She’s married now with three lovely kids. We still talk from time to time and every now and then I miss her still. Anyway, I took a handful of photos of this girl throughout the afternoon, simply because I couldn’t get over the resemblance. I even went over and talked to her. Man was she ever sexy, without even trying I might add.

So I pull it together today and got all my yard work done. Yay! My patio furniture’s stored, my Christmas lights are up (not on, just up), and I’ve got eight full bags of leaves to show for my effort. I’m pretty tired but I’ve got to hit the shower and head downtown for the annual Toronto Photo Walks party. Should be fun. I definitely feel a lot better than I did yesterday and even this morning.

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2 Responses to Hola Hooper

  1. Old loves never fade away, they just sleep until something bring them back.
    Great pictures.

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