Free Sckool

I got a bit of a giggle at this tent, down at the Public Sector Union (formerly Occupy Toronto) Movement a couple of weeks back. How much you want to bet they aren’t teaching economics. 🙂 And the big news today is that that hacker group, AssholesAnonymous, is threatening a cyber attack on the City of Toronto’s web site if the municipal government forces the unions and their hapless pawns-du jour out of the park on which they are illegally squatting. The city needs them out of the park so they can service the sprinkler system and fountain for the upcoming winter. If the city can’t get in there before the frost, it could end up being a $40,000 mess next spring. And while the Public Sector Unions have co-opted the movement at the moment, you can bet when the time comes to pay that tab they will be nowhere to be found. The taxpayers will once again be on the hook. Nice.

So today’s my last day free. Back to work tomorrow. Got the last of my chores done and made a nice dinner with leftovers for tomorrow and Wednesday night. Yay! Gotta say, that drive to Richmond Hill and back every day is killing me. I am sooo not looking forward to it.

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