Pumping gas in the dark

Here’s another shot of the gas bar I posted a few days back. This is actually the shot I was going for. Didn’t quite work out how I planned but that’s okay I can always go back. It’s not far from home.

So the Public Sector Union (formerly, Occupy Toronto) movement has been given the boot by a judge today. He’s not saying they can’t use the park, just that they can’t use it as a campsite. I heard on the radio it could cost almost $100,000 to restore the park once the unions and their hapless and homeless pawns have been moved out. Imagine, here’s a group that thinks they have all the answers yet within about a month managed to rack up a hundred grand in damages to one of our oldest and most beautiful downtown parks. They’re chock full of “ideas” about how to divvy up other people’s money but I say if let’s start with hearing their idea on how they will take responsibility for the damages they’ve caused. If they can somehow figure that one out without costing us taxpayers a red nickel, then I’m open to hearing their next idea. If not, then shut up, get out and good luck.

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4 Responses to Pumping gas in the dark

  1. absolutely love the photo!

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