36 Portraits on a Wall at Night

Here’s one from last night that was on my night shoot list. Basically, I keep a list of places and things I want to shoot based on the time of day or night. Then, when the mood strikes, I’ll head out at the right time of day and get the shot. In some cases, like this one, it’s time sensitive, since at some point once the new building is near completion that hording is going to come down and this shot will be lost forever. My Dairy Queen night shot was sort of the same. I knew they’d be closing up for the season within weeks and had to get that photo while the lights were still aglow. It’s all closed up now, so I just made it.

I watched a terrific documentary on Woody Allen over the past two nights and there were all these scenes from New York that dated back to the ’60s and ’70s. It got me thinking about the power of photography. I have this romantic nostalgia for old photos of life in the big city, like from the ’30s through the ’70s. I love cars, the clothes, buildings and advertising from those times. Well, I started thinking about my own photography and wondering if one day decades from now anyone will look back on this time with the same nostalgia. Like, will my photos be viewed with the same interest. The thing is, though, I tend to be drawn to stuff that looks dated or can look dated after a little post processing love. I’m not really interested in shooting today’s culture and city life. When I’m out and about with the camera I don’t think about capturing life in Toronto in 2011 for posterity. With the advent of the digital age of photography where everyone has a camera (when you include call phones), I assume our time is being well represented. Why bother even trying to compete. That’s sort of why I try to shoot things that are different. However, I do try to capture snapshots in time, one off events such as protests and rallies and celebrations. I like photo journalism and these events tend to give me an opportunity to try that style of photography.

Anyway, that’s a long story for this photo. I’m posting it both in black & white and colour, since I can’t decide which I like best. In my mind I’ve always considered it a b & w shot, but once I processed it in colour I began to wonder if the colour one wasn’t more interested. Regardless, I hope you like them. Happy Sunday.

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2 Responses to 36 Portraits on a Wall at Night

  1. milkayphoto says:

    Photography is VERY powerful…sometimes we just don’t know how much until time has gone by. I think your style will translate well into the future. and Yes, folks will look at your photos and think, ‘huh, so THAT was Toronto in the early 2000’s..’

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