Shadow Power

I had to hold my camera over my head and shoot blind in order to clear the chain-link fence. It was cold. I had my gloves on. This house, next to a construction site, is located in the beaches near Woodbine Ave & Queen St., not that far from where I live. I saw the shadow and knew I had to find a way to capture it. In six months that entire wall will be hidden beside a new low-rise condo project. The picture that hydro pole painted with shadow onto that house wall will be lost forever, assuming the house will be torn down at some point after the project’s completed — it’s already 90 years old or so. Yet, through nothing less than sheer luck and timing I managed to be in just the right place at, most importantly, the right time. Two hours earlier or later there’d be no shadow to shoot. As I was trying for the shot I noticed street shoppers walking by and giving the wall a glance. Even then, I suspect no one considered what they were looking at. I have to admit, before photography I likely would not have given this a second glance or thought. So tonight I share with you a little slice of history that will be gone before you know it. This photo will likely make it into my third book and this history will be carried on. But at some point the digital file will be lost and I will be dead and the book will be relegated to an old box on some dusty shelf in the basement of a friend’s house, or their grand-kids’. Maybe 100 years from now someone will discover my book, which I have yet to even consider let alone create, and look at this photo and wonder where this house is/was located. By then I will be nothing more than a name on the cover. They’ll put the book back in the box and by the time they reach the top of the stairs they’ll have already forgotten my name.

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6 Responses to Shadow Power

  1. ellyhuizinga says:

    Wonderful photo! Interesting is that two dark screens play an important role and the most important is the connection between the two screens. It has the same structure, (stripes) as
    the shadow on the wall.

    Interesting PHoto, so not only because of the light.

  2. melissakoski says:

    It’s great to consider your perspective visually and historically is changed by becoming a photographer. Love this post… I feel I see things I normally wouldn’t notice because I’m a photographer.

  3. harruhsun says:

    As any photographer knows, timing is essential to capturing the moment so I’m glad you were able to get the shadow when you did.

  4. Thank you everyone for dropping by and commenting. Really pleased you like the shot.

  5. Good shot, I suppose it proves that you should always carry your camera.

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