Eaton Centre Boxing Day

I’ll tell ya what I like about this shot. It’s that bridge with the people on it along the bottom part of the photo. No bridge/people, no photo. They really help the viewer get a sense of size. The place is huge. Of course my wide angle tends to make it look even larger than it is. Hope you like it.

Well, tomorrow’s the last day of the truncated work week, thanks god. I came home tonight to a no heat situation and had to call the furnace man. I got the furnace up and running for now, but the guy’s still coming tomorrow night. I just hope it hold on until then. It’s a drag but what have I got to do on a Friday night, right? As for New Year’s Eve I might be seeing a band at an Irish Pub. Haven’t done that in years. I usually just stay home. This will be a photographic opportunity and I’d love to get some nice musician shots. I’m really into that sort of photography. Unfortunately I really don’t have the lens for it, but my 17-50 does open up to F2.8 across the range. That’s have to do. Probably shoot at ISO 800-1600, depending on the light. If the musician’s moving around a lot I’ll need a faster shutter, which could really pose problems. Wish I had a 50mm F1.4 Canon lens. That would do the trick nicely. Anyway, I might not even make it, we’ll see.

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2 Responses to Eaton Centre Boxing Day

  1. As a modern cathedral dedicated to the god of marketing, great picture as always.

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