Roof deck of the Eaton Centre

Here are a couple of shots from the roof deck of the Eaton Centre. Every now and then when I’m downtown I try to keep an eye out for multistory parking garages. When I come across one I hike to the roof deck and walk the perimiter looking for interesting things to shoot from that vantage point. I usually get something neat. In retrospect I should have shot this as a five shot panoramic, ideally from a 12-ft step ladder. Of course I didn’t have access to a step ladder but I could have certainly shot the pano. Just wasn’t thinking, is all. I like the first shot because I picked up the sun reflection. I like the second shot because of the reflected building in the glass to the right. But I could not get a shot with both subjects in the frame. Oh well, life goes on, right? Welcome to 2012, everyone. Make the most of it — the world ends next December. 🙂

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1 Response to Roof deck of the Eaton Centre

  1. Rob Slaven says:

    Indeed; I always look for parking garages whenever I can as well. Great to have a more vertical perspective.

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