Here’s a heaping spoonful of big ol’ lakefront sky

So I was up late last night, waay past my bedtime doing some sewing. And here’s the results. This is nine photos stitched together to create a super panoramic view of Lake Ontario, as seen from the waterfront. To get a sense of scale, just check out that smokestack at the very left of the shot. That stack is like a couple of hundred feet high or more. Up close, it’s huge. Here it hardly registers in the frame. I played with the colours again for this one. We all know what a blue sky with clouds in it looks like, so I figured I’d dial up something a bit different. Hope you like it. Happy Sunday.

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3 Responses to Here’s a heaping spoonful of big ol’ lakefront sky

  1. Rob Slaven says:

    Absolutely exceptional! This ain’t the kind of sewing that grandma used to do until late into the night. 😉

  2. milkayphoto says:

    You are quite adept at ‘sewing’, Dave. I’ve seen others attempt this with less than good results. That is one big sky…. 🙂

  3. Thanks Rob and Tracy. I can take credit for the photos but not for the stitching. I left the hard work up to Adobe CS5. 🙂

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