Text ya later, gator…

Not exactly sure where I took this photo. I know it was with the Toronto Photo Walks group, during our tour of Little Italy (oddly not boot shaped at all) last summer. Shot this with my wide angle lens. I do remember it was hot, but when wasn’t it. I’ve gotten pretty good at texting, thanks to this app called swype. But to be honest I do sorta miss talking to people on the phone like the good ol’d days. On the flip side, I got rid of my home phone and often turn off my cell when I’m home — an introvert’s dream. I wish I had “people” so I could just get my people to call your people. Take minutes, please, and just give me the most important points.

Had a nice weekend. Hardly spent any time home. Visited the art gallery to remind myself just how boring that can get. Did see a few nice photographs, but their photography exhibit’s nothing to write home about. Saturday was miserably cold, to boot. Spent Sunday afternoon helping a friend learn Lightroom. All in all, not a bad weekend. Hope yours was good, too.

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4 Responses to Text ya later, gator…

  1. there is something odd about the picture. like the girl is too small for the hat. or all those lovely browns.

  2. Great capture of an odd subject. Very interesting for all what’s in there.

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