Smoke break

Boy this one goes back a while, to November during the last big march of the Occupy movement. You’ve probably surmised by the slight blurriness that this is yet another hip shot. That actually wasn’t a very good day for me with hip shots. I messed up a lot of photos, and mostly because I was being lazier than usual. Typically, I even take care with my hip shots. It’s not like I just wave the camera around like a drunk with a broken bottle in a bar fight and hope for the best. But on this day I seemed to be doing just that. In retrospect I believe it was that I was not giving the camera enough time to focus. I’d point it at the subject and simply fire off a shot, while the camera was probably still trying to figure out what the hell the subject was. I’m sure if it could talk that day there’d be plenty of “What da f*ck, man, I’m still focusing here…” And I’d be all like, “Oh shutta you face and do your job, asshole, before I replace you with a Nikon D4!” And it would be, “Go ahead, jerk, you can hardly figure out how to use me properly and I’m just an entry level Rebel.” Then I’d be… well, you get the drift. That’s why I prefer my cameras not talk. Unless I could control what it says. I’d program it with a sexy female voice to say, “Oooh, you lazy bastard, that was one great shot.” Or maybe, “Is that a 70-200 F2.8 in your bag or are you just happy to see me?” Or how about, “I like it wide and fast…” 🙂 Okay, too much, right?

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2 Responses to Smoke break

  1. milkayphoto says:

    You crack me up, Dave! I think your hip shots, like this one, are pretty darn awesome.

    Hey, ever think of penning a comic or cartoon with conversations like this between you and your camera??

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