The butcher of Little Italy

The title kinda sounds ominous, eh? This guy caught me taking his photo but didn’t seem to mind. I can’t remember for sure, but I think I held the camera at my chest and just fired. Haven’t had a good steak dinner in a long time now. My last girlfriend and I used to go to dinner almost every weekend. I really looked forward to it. Not much fun taking yourself to dinner, although I have done it. I usually bring along a good book. I can cook a pretty decent meal, but again it’s not much fun even making a nice meal at home if you’ve got no one to share with. I still make the effort from time to time.

I’ve always had this sort of romantic notion of the perfect date. I’d take the girl to brunch and then hit the St. Lawrence Market (a huge, bustling downtown market where they sell a variety of fresh foods, much of it grown or raised locally) to shop for dinner. Then back to my place to drop off the groceries. From there maybe an afternoon walk on the boardwalk and a specialty coffee at some little cafe on Queen St. before dinner. We’d then return to my place where I’d make her a nice dinner with some wine, followed by a relaxing evening in front of the fireplace while listening to music. Unfortunately I don’t typically get opportunities to entertain such a date. Just not in the cards, I suppose. That’s okay, life goes on, right? I think it’s important to learn to be happy with the things you’ve got in life and not waste your time fretting over what’s out of reach. I’ve been in love before. That’s enough.

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4 Responses to The butcher of Little Italy

  1. I like this. The man is giving you the eye. 🙂 And I agree, much nicer to have someone to share a meal with, whether at home or out. But as you said, be satisfied with what you have. 🙂

  2. darkhalide says:

    Really like the colours in this one 🙂 And this from a black and white guy 🙂

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