Had fun at the cemetery, wish you were here

That title could be taken more than one way, I suppose. Sorta works for your friends and your enemies alike. I haven’t shot in a cemetery for two year now. The last time was with my point & shoot at sunset at the St. John’s Cemetery near where I live. I don’t know the name of this one, only that it’s north of Wellesley on the east side of Parliament. I met my friend Vicki for lunch today, along with two other photographers and the four of us hit the cemetery for a photo shoot. It was dark and deary, which worked perfectly for the sort of shots I was hoping for. What’s funny is that I notice a huge improvement in my shots from the last time I tried a cemetery shoot. I’m definitely seeing better. The last time I remember not really being able to get a feeling for it. Anyway, here’s one from today. Oh, and I’m hoping to write a story in the coming days around one of my cemetery photos. I have no idea what it’ll be about, but we’ll see. I often begin stories with no idea where they’re going, so sometimes I’m just along for the ride like the reader. So stay tuned. Happy Cemetery Sunday.

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4 Responses to Had fun at the cemetery, wish you were here

  1. Cin says:

    Beautiful tombstones. I enjoyed going to the states and shooting in the old cemetaries back east. Ours are “newer” and don’t tend to have as many nice above ground stones and statues to take photos of.

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