The Irish Embassy

Of course this isn’t the real Irish Embassy. If there is one in Canada — I’m certain there must be — it would be in Ottawa, our capital. This Irish Embassy is a pub in downtown Toronto. Last Saturday I got together with my friend Paula and this is one of the shots from that outing. Wish I’d has my tripod. I’d love to shoot this at F22 to get the startburst effect from all the lights. Maybe I’ll go back another time. Well, tomorrow’s midweek, thank god. Thursday and Friday are going to be crazy at work, but that’s expected. I actually sort of enjoy it. The days fly by and I usually have to work flat out all day to get my job done. Saturday’s another photo walk with the group. I really hope the weather holds out.

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4 Responses to The Irish Embassy

  1. I don’t know – having an embassy in a pub sounds like a good idea to me!

  2. gingerjudgesyou says:

    We have an Irish Embassy pub here too! It has kind of skewed my idea of what the Irish Embassy actually does though.

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