Blank Billboard

That billboard illuminated by afternoon sunlight is huge. Just look at the grain silos it’s sitting on. Anyway, the light hit it for all of 30 seconds before disappearing behind clouds again, just enough time to catch this one shot. A moment later it was gone. I was pretty happy about that. Shows that luck has a lot to do with it. Of course, if you spend your time on the couch instead of outside seeing and photographing the world, your chance for luck diminishes greatly.

I’m hitting the streets again tomorrow for another walk. I really shouldn’t be going, since I’ve got some chores to do, but this has been a pretty busy week at work and it’ll be nice to get some fresh air and sunshine. Tomorrow’s supposed to be about 1 C with very little wind, and sunny. That should make an excellent day for photography, if I dress right. So there you have it. Happy Friday. Hope you have a nice weekend planned.

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