Quiet winter waterfront

Here’s another shot from the weekend. I did a lot of lightroom work to get it to look like this, actually. I’m really starting to see in my mind how I want a shot to look before I begin processing it. Sometimes I see it in the field, even. This shot was taken around mid-afternoon in the Toronto Beaches, facing west. It’s a really peaceful image without much going on, which I like. Hope you like it, too.

Had yet another really bad day at work because of my insomnia last night. Well, that and I stayed up an hour later than I should have. I sure hope I don’t end up getting sick because of it. I had to leave work early today I was so exhausted. I was actually concerned about how I would managed in rush hour traffic if I left at my regular time. My eyes have never looked or felt this bad, that I can remember. And I’ve had a headache brought on by the exhaustion all day, to boot. Not fun. Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight and tomorrow be in better shape. No need to comment on this, I’m just venting.

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  1. Thanks Sonali, Shawn and Suzanne…

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