Letting go

I’ve photographed this guy on at least two other occasions, but every time I see him he looks different so I never realize this until later when editing the photo in Lightroom. This is the best photo of him I’ve got so far. As usual, I paid him a couple of bucks for the shot. It was sort of funny. He actually got into it, striking a couple of poses for me. Maybe he remembered me, I don’t know. I suspect not. Maybe he’s gotten used to being photographed. The first photo I took of him was two summers back out in the west end. This one was on Yonge St. across from the Eaton Centre. Next time I’m going to pay him more. Hope you like the photo.

So I dragged my sorry arse to work this morning and then split around 1:15 PM. I’m fortunate I’ve got a cool boss who understands my predicament. How long that understanding will go, one only knows. I think I’m far harder on myself about this than the people I work for are. I’m not used to missing time or not being 100% on my game. Fingers crossed this upcoming sleepover at the sleep clinic uncovers the problem. It frikkin’ better.

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  1. Thanks Transparentguy and Sonali. Glad you like it.

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