Girls and their hats

Happy Saturday, everyone… I watched the most amazing movie last night called Mostly Martha. It was simply beautiful and touching. I know, I know… guys aren’t supposed to find movies “beautiful” or “touching.” Not to worry, penis still intact. It’s a love story in German with English subtitles, about a lonely female chef, Martha, who is a bit of a unsocial misfit. She ends up taking in the 8 year old daughter of her best friend after the friend’s killed in a car accident. About the same time a new male cook — very gregarious and funny — starts working in the kitchen and it’s apparent the new cook has the hots for Martha. Problem is, Martha isn’t really that good with people and doesn’t know how to handle the new cook. At first she doesn’t want anything to do with him and sees him as a threat, but in the end, as all love stories go, she comes around. Anyway, it’s a great date movie. Probably next to impossible to find in the video stores, I’m guessing. I PVRed it off our public TV station, commercial free, last weekend. The movie goes down best with a bottle of Australian Cab/Merlot, I found.

I’m actually torn with what to do today. It’s cold and very windy — not the nicest weather for a walk. I’d like to go see that photography exhibit at the U of T I mentioned yesterday, but it’s also a great day to see a movie in the theatre. I haven’t been in ages. Whatever I do, I have to be home by dinner because I have my sleepover at the sleep clinic tonight. Not looking forward to that at all. It’ll be the first time I’ve not slept in my own bed in five or six years, actually. How about that. I suppose that’s sorta sad, isn’t it. Oh well, the world turns over and life goes on, eh? Have fun today.

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4 Responses to Girls and their hats

  1. Molly McPhoto says:

    Alternate title for film: “Mostly Dave”
    P.S. You won’t be able to sleep in the clinic, go see a psycho-atrist.

    • LOL… Cute… Thanks Molly. Actually, I’ll be disappointed if I do sleep through the night at the clinic. It’s like when your car’s making a funny noise but when you take it into your mechanic the next morning the noise is gone and he or she just shrugs his/her shoulders. I hate when that happens. So, yes, I hope you’re right.

  2. Advice from an Australian: If you like the Cab / Merlot, try an Australian Shiraz or GSM (Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvedre) 🙂

    I won’t let my girls see these hats – they’ll want one but it’s only cold enough to wear them for (say) 2 weeks a year here!

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