Five people: two real, one status, two on a poster

Well I made it downtown again today, although I was pretty tired. Feeling better at the moment. Dreading tomorrow but what can you do, right? I took this photo in Yorkville this afternoon while checking out the annual ice sculpture exhibit. As usually, I didn’t bother with the ice sculptures, I’m there to shoot people. Plus, you don’t really get to see the sculptures, just the backs of the big crowd standing around them. Didn’t get all that many shots, actually but that’s okay. Had fun with my friends Paul and Vicki. Stopped for a pint, too. Anyway, I really struggled with what to do with this shot. I did a crop to create a sort of wide angle, then dialed it up in black & white. Then I reworked it in colour, with a play on the colours. But I also see a crop with just the two guys and the statue, so I tried that, too. I like them all, but this one stands out to my eye. Sort of has that ’70s movie feel. Hope you like it.

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