Tall tall buildings in wide angle

There’s nothing like an 11mm (18mm in full frame) perspective to give you some dramatic skyscraper shots. I took this one last April, actually. I only ran into it yesterday by accident. Seems I’d started editing that folder then moved on to another folder and forgot I wasn’t finished editing. Kind of like finding an unexpected prize in the bottom of your box of Cheerios.

So I made it out yesterday afternoon for a photo walk and a bite with my friend Paula. I was almost late for my sleep clinic. What a drag that was. I feel like yesterday was three days ago. I was lights out by 9:30 PM and they woke me up at 6:15 AM, which for normal sleepers would equate to over 8 1/2 hours sleep. If I was asleep more than three hours I’d be amazed. They didn’t tell me much. I’ve got to set up another appointment to go over the results. I mentioned that starting next week I’ve got to do an afternoon shift at work one day a week (10:30-7:00) and they were not at all happy about that. They warned me to expect things to get worse the night after that shift. Right now, they said, the best thing for me is to have a regular schedule. I already knew that, even before this problem reared its ugly head. But I’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work out they’ll have to return me to my regular shift. What else can I do?

Anyway, I haven’t felt this tired and exhaust since last Thursday, and the Tuesday before that and…. 🙂 Well, you get the drift. I might try to get an hour’s nap right now here at home, if I can.

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3 Responses to Tall tall buildings in wide angle

  1. an unexpected prize, indeed 🙂

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