Got my eye on you…

So I managed to drag myself out for a little impromptu photo walk today with a couple of friends from the photo walks group. The wind made it feel much colder than it was. We had a lively debate at lunch over local politics. It was a nice distraction. Going out again tomorrow downtown to shoot a protest at Dundas Square. Well, I say that now but I have no idea how this night’s going to go. Another one like last night and I suspect I won’t be in shape to do anything tomorrow. And we’re moving the clocks forward an hour, which will mean an hour of lost sleep, which I can’t afford to lose. We’ll see. It’ll be a shame not to get out since it’s supposed to be like a spring day out there, in the teens. Here’s a shot from today. I thought the tear in the fence looked like an eye. Hope you like it. Happy Saturday evening.

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6 Responses to Got my eye on you…

  1. lynnwiles says:

    Big brother is watching – with one eye!

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