No fate but what we make

No fate but what we make. When I saw that sign yesterday at the protest I couldn’t help but think how apropos it was to what I’m going through right now.

This weekend I stopped taking the melatonin and the Natural Calm and the Advil Night-time Pain Relief. You can spend only so many days walking through life under water. Those drugs amp up gravity, weight you down, tire you out. Instead of living your life you end up dragging it behind you like a bagful of garbage. It’s hard not to want to just let it go.

I need to clear my head.

I need to find my way back — fight back.

To be honest, before this sleep disorder made lunch of my life, I was never much of a happy guy. But after spending the past two-plus months watching the world pass by through a dirty bus window, I long for the day when I can break free of this twilight existence.

I really gotta get off that bus and back into the world of the living again.

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4 Responses to No fate but what we make

  1. Frances says:

    That dude is everywhere! Or it could be you… Hope you get over all that sleep stuff and everything else soon. ! It must not be fun to be you right now 🙂 Things will get better !

    • LOL…. Oh it’s not me, but I do see him around everywhere, too. I think many people say that about me when I’m downtown.

      Yep, no fun being me. Maybe something good will come of it, you never know.

      I hope you’re right, Frances.

  2. Hi. If I hadn’t already spent most of the day procrastinating, I would probably try to offer a more comforting statement than the following; the sun is coming back, and that should help somewhat. It’s helping me. Somewhat.

    Anyway, this is a really great photo. Really great. Moving clockwise from the clear distain on the bottom right face, to the determination, to the uncertainty, to the Anonymous symbol of the movement at the centre, it offers a lot.

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