Free Syria

My passion is photojournalism. Simply, there’ little else I do in my life that energizes me more than shooting rallies, demonstrations and protests. I walk away from them on an indescribable high. Last Saturday near the end of the photo walk, our group came upon a Free Syria march up University Ave. In minutes I’d cut loose from my photo walk group and followed the protest over to and down Yonge St. Only after I’d gotten my fill of photos did I realize I’d entirely lost the photo walks group. A quick phone call confirmed they’d headed to our final pub for pints.

What’s funny — well, not funny at all, actually — is I photographed another protest a week back, which was nothing less than a ridiculous joke. Much like the Syrians, these people were protesting to overthrow their government and reclaim democracy. The only thing is, it is the Canadian Federal Government they want to overthrow. The details, which involve automated phone calls made during the last election, is just nonsense, but the other side has latched on to this micro crisis and is trying to use it to claim the government came to power unfairly or illegally. Basically, it was a bunch of sore losers moaning and dripping because they don’t like our Prime Minister. You might have seen him in the news, since Canada is an outstanding example for the world when it comes to avoiding the financial meltdown that’s bankrupting almost every socialist country on the planet right now.

A week later I found myself at this Free Syria protest, where they too are marching for democracy and freedom. The big difference is the Syrian homeland is being torn apart by a despot dictator and people are dying and cities lay in ruin — things the protesters from a week back have no clue about. It never ceases to amaze me how many in the west are entirely clueless as to how good they got it.

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4 Responses to Free Syria

  1. Chloe says:

    your photojournalisim has always been one of the reasons i enjoy visitng here
    keep up the good work

  2. Ajay Ramdasi says:

    I really love the 2nd photo. The woman has an inquisitive look and you’ve done a super job capturing it.

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