I’m too cool for this suit

I took this photo during the dog days of last summer down at Dundas Square. Well, maybe not the dog days. Aren’t they in July? This is from early August. Man that was one hot bitch in heat of a summer, eh? I hope this one’s cooler. I think the poster’s still there, actually. I already posted one shot of this long ago but I really dig this one, too. The pigeon toed woman on the right seemed oblivious to me, as I snapped away from across the street. And that dog’s not being agreeable at all, which I like. Anyway, hope you like it.

So it’s Friday again. Not sure what’s going on this weekend. I might try to get out for some photography but I honestly don’t feel like it. Gonna crack a bottle of red wine tonight and watch a movie. Looking forward to that, at least. Next week’s our busy week at work so it’s going to be a regular shit show for a few days. So here’s to Friday and the weekend. Hope you have something more interesting planned than I do. Feel free to share.

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4 Responses to I’m too cool for this suit

  1. timruane24 says:

    This is a nifty great shot.

  2. This is another fantastic street scene. Well seen and captured. And yes, if we get a repeat of last summer then I’m off to the Yukon with Calvin & Hobbes.

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