Christmas Tree

You’re probably wondering where I got Christmas Tree from, right? Well, waaay back on Christmas day 2009 I walked the beach with my Panasonic point & shoot and photographed the shoreline and water. During that very cold and windy outing I took a bunch of photographs of this tree, hence Christmas Tree. Flash forward two years and three months and here I am again, down the beach with my friend Paula taking photos. And low and behold, that same tree is still standing and still looking as stark and twisted as it did in 2009. How it is that this tree can survive in sand at the water’s edge like that is beyond me. As you can see, I dialed up two versions of the shot. I couldn’t decide which to post so I figured I’d share them both, since it’s Saturday and Saturday’s as good a day as any for sharing, right?

Got up this morning to snow on the ground here in Toronto. All quite depressing, actually. But it won’t stay, since the weather man’s calling for a high today of 10 C. (50 F.). That’ll melt it all away lickety split. I’m skipping today’s photo walk but might meet up with the group on the Danforth for a pint after the walk. Tomorrow’s calling for rain so no photography then, either. Oh well, there will be other days. Have a great weekend.

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6 Responses to Christmas Tree

  1. Frances says:

    Beautiful! I have some shots like that from Bluffers Park. Went there New Years Day a couple of years ago… it was the coldest day ever !!!!! I dont know what to get up to myself today. Went out last night…light headed today but dont want to waste the day… Dont know where my glasses are..but thank God I have another pair or I would be blind too.

  2. Mariam says:

    I feel the cool air…very well done.

  3. Chloe says:

    love these photos

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