No banks, no borders….

I photographed this during an Occupy Toronto protest back in the fall. I honestly can’t even begin to explain what the sign on the wall means, but in fairness I have zero doubt that its author wouldn’t have a clue what it means, either. The funny thing is, back when I took the photo I actually cared about this crap. Now I don’t care at all, except to get photos of this time in history. I will say this: People who want to blame their situations on big banks and corporations really need to spend some time, like say five years, in the poorest parts of Africa. I’m sure after that Canada won’t look like such a terrible place to live.

So Easter weekend is finally here! Yay! Man, what a shit show at work today. We had a major problem with a bunch of jobs — nothing that was our fault — and we had to fix them all. Totally screwed up our day. Our whole team was swamped trying to get it done. I ended up staying late and spent an extra hour on the road trying to get home for my trouble. But that’s okay, that’s what we’re paid for, right? If it was supposed to be fun and games they’d sell tickets, not give away weekly pay cheques. There are plenty of times during the month where we get to coast along, so on the few days when we’re hammered with work the least we can do is roll up our collective sleeves and earn our keep. On the glass-half-full side of it, at least we now have a long weekend ahead of us to rest up.

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