Back alley birds

This is one of those accidental type shots. I was swinging my camera around trying to catch one of these birds with its wings spread in flight. That’s what caused the slight blur in the photo. I didn’t get my perfect bird shot, but I do like the overall effect of the photo. There’s something sort of gritty and old about it. As you know, I love that kind of look. Very street. The people in the background really make the shot, too — at least for me. Hope you like it.

I went for a long walk at lunch today. There’s a ravine and a creek behind my work so it’s quite pleasant. Lots of trees and birds and wildlife. Really helped me clear my head. I think I think too much, and I know I’m far too sensitive about mostly everything. Well, mostly people. The reason I went for the walk is I’m trying to fit some exercise into my life. I’m not going to make any big promises about getting into shape, but I did manage to do a little something every day this week so far. I suppose it’s a start, but it’s waaay too early to congratulate me for anything. If I’m still doing it a month from now, then we’ll talk. 🙂

I had a dream last night that was soooo frikken’ funny that I woke myself up laughing. Literally. It’s not the first time either. Next to sex and flying dreams (ideally not when they’re together), laughing dreams come in a close second. The best part is I woke up and only a few minutes later it was time to get up, so my spirits were still high off the laughter. That is an amazing way to start your day, let me tell you. A looong time ago I used to have this heart-wrenching crush on a beautiful woman who worked at a local breakfast spot. Her name was Britta and I was crazy about her. Being too shy and all, I never did act on it. Truth be told, I intuitively knew there was no point, no chance. Well, one night way back then I had a dream about her where I told her how I felt about her and we kissed. You’d think that would rank up there with great dreams, right? But when I woke up and realized it was only a dream, I was brought to tears with my broken heart. I carried that abject sadness around for days. Unrequited love isn’t nearly as delightful as you might imagine, and dreams that might sound good on the surface can have another far less shiny side to them. 🙂

Anyway, not sure what brought that on. Hope you have a good night. Happy Hump Day.

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7 Responses to Back alley birds

  1. Enjoyed the jaunt from work to workout to dreams. Good insight there.

  2. milkayphoto says:

    I’ve never had a ‘laughing dream’ – jealous! That sounds like an awesome way to wake up!! 🙂

  3. Chloe says:

    gosh wish i’d wake up that happy lol, my alarm goes off & the grumples set in haha
    nice capture

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