Picnic bench in winter

This is from a winter photo walk back in mid-February. It wasn’t that cold, but the damp made it feel pretty miserable. I like these sort of isolated, lonely photographs. I like seeing them in galleries and books. I find looking at them makes me wonder about the photographer. I think photographs can be a reflection of a photographer’s general state of mind. Ironically, at the time I was in a pretty happy place.

Well, the week’s almost finished, thank god. I’ve got Monday off, so I’m really looking forward to it. For sure I’ll be getting out with the camera, although I also have to invest some time into work. One more sleep until Friday. Yay.

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6 Responses to Picnic bench in winter

  1. Chloe says:

    so nostalgic!

  2. We had a miserable morning here yesterday. Damp and foggy, and being 14 miles in from the coast, we rarely have fog here. The visibility was down to 1/5 of a mile. The only reason I went out was to try to take some fog pictures since my opportunities for that type of picture comes once a decade or so.

  3. tone says:

    Very cool images you’ve got going on here. Really digging your style.

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