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For some time now I’ve been interested in medium format film photography. One big difference is that you are dealing with a 6 x 6 square format, rather than the more common 3 x 2 or 4 x 3 formats. I find the idea of having to frame or compose an image in a square format interesting. I’m sure it’s more challenging than one might expect. So for kicks and giggles I’ve been cropping some of my photos in a square format, just to get an idea of how to compose a shot. Sure, it’s cheating, since I didn’t have to make any framing decisions before snapping the shutter, but it’s still good practice, should I ever end up with a Hasselblad medium format film camera, or even once of those inexpensive lomo medium format film cameras. We have a Lomo store on Queen West in Toronto’s west end and I almost always stop in when I’m in that neighbourhood. Anyway, so here’s an example of a square photograph. Hope you like it.

I just read a very interesting article I thought I’d share. It’s definitely worth a read, if you’re interested in improving your photography. It’s posted on Adorama’s site. Check it out: 6 Principles of Gestalt Psychology That Can Improve Your Photography.

And while I’m at it, here’s another article on composition that you may find helpful: 10 Top Photography Composition Rules.

As well, did you know there are more composition/framing rules than the well-known Rule of Thirds? And in case you didn’t know, you can change your grid overlay in Lightroom from the Rule of Thirds to the Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral, Diagonal Rule, or Golden Triangle? Better yet, you can cycle through these grid overlays by hitting “o” on your keyboard, so you can see how your photo stacks up to each of the so-called “rules.” Definitely worth checking out.These grid overlays appear when you go to crop your photo. You can change the overlays in LR by going to Tools, Crop Guide Overlay.

Click on the links below for an explanation of these rules. You may be surprised at how often you’re using them already, subconsciously.

Rule of Thirds | Golden Ratio | Golden Spiral | Golden Triangle | Diagonal Rule

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  1. Leanne Cole says:

    There is something quite appealing about that square format and I sometimes wonder if that is one of the things that people like about instagram. Looking forward to seeing more.

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