He went that way

This is another very lucky hip shot. I shot it at ISO400 and F11, which garnered me a shutter speed of 1/320th of a second. Very fast. Not that it was necessary, but if I’d widened or opened up my aperture by one stop to F8 (the lower the number the wider open the lens), my shutter speed would have basically doubled to 1/600th of a second or so. Alternatively, I could have left my aperture alone and instead increased my ISO a stop, from 400 to 800, which would have also doubled the shutter speed. This of course assumes you’re shooting in aperture priority. In aperture priority you control the amount of light your lens allows in by setting a specific aperture, like F11 for instance, and your ISO, and the camera adjusts the shutter speed accordingly in an attempt to maintain proper exposure. The camera has a built in light meter which is how it knows what the ideal exposure should be for any given situation. I’m only writing this for those who might be just starting out.

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2 Responses to He went that way

  1. teo says:

    it really is a lucky photo, great job 🙂 When I look at it, I have to think about how a German journalist once dressed up and maked up like a black person made a reportage about racism in Germany and how the main critic was, that he was just dressed up weird and acting weird and that’s why people were “racistic” to him, no because he looked like a black person… The thing is, that he was dressed kind of like the person pointing at the person, who went away, up in the shot. So one could say that this journalist was quite accurate in his impression of a black guy actually…

    • Thanks Teo. Yeah, it’s not that difficult to dress or behave in a certain manner that will cause the reaction you seek. Sounds sort of like this journalist was simply creating his own story. Hope you keeping well, by the way.

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