Watching the world go by

This is another hip shot, from an outing a couple of weeks back on Queen St. West. Besides getting a candid, un-posed photo of a person, the other reason I like hip shots is I like the composition I get from shooting with my camera near waste or mid-chest height when photographing full- or half-body shots of people. The next time you photograph someone where you’re shooting them head to toe or head to waste, try one shot while standing with the camera at eye level, then try a second shot while you’re on one knee (like, have the camera situated around the person’s mid- to lower chest level). You may find you like the second shot better.

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4 Responses to Watching the world go by

  1. milkayphoto says:

    You seem to find the coolest people to shoot! I like the tip, too. 🙂

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