The guy in the shop is on the phone and on the laptop at the same time, hence the title. That’s my friend Paula from the photo walks group in the reflection. I’d already walked past the shop window and then just stuck my camera back into the window and shot blind, so as not to catch myself in the reflection. Worked out pretty good. Got tomorrow off. Supposed to be sunny but hot and humid. I’m keen on the sunny part, but can live sans hot and humid.

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8 Responses to Connected

  1. HMB says:

    He makes me think of Bogart. Kind of a retro look to the photo.

    What’s with the big coat? Must be awfully chilly up there. We are having 80s (F) in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Supposed to hit 90s with high humidity for the weekend. Not looking forward to that either.

  2. Sonali Dalal says:

    I agree with comment above! I immediately thought of Bogart! loved the idea.

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