Wide angle versus really wide angle

Here are two photos of the same subject — a tired old garage in a back alley north of Kensington Market. In both cases my back was up against a garage on the opposite side of the lane. The first shot was taken in the middle of may using my Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens @ 11mm, and it’s been cropped a tad. The second shot was taken in the middle of April using my 17-50mm Tamron lens @ 17mm. You can really see how much wider 11mm is compared to 17mm. In full frame terms, the wider shot is at 17.6mm and the second shot is at 27mm. It makes a major difference. Anyway, I like the subject in both black & white and in colour so I thought I’d share both for you today. Happy Saturday.

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4 Responses to Wide angle versus really wide angle

  1. Chloe says:

    i love wide angle lenses and the photos they capture, nice shots the both of them

  2. the shadow in the wide angle shot gives the effect of a person crossing through. It’s my favorite of the two. Thanks for the different perspectives.

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