That’s the guy!

Back downtown again today for another afternoon of shooting. This time I did something I’ve never done before. I wanted to travel across the city to the west end — Bathurst St. and Bloor St., an area known as The Annex. The thing is, it’s a terrible drive by car. So I drove up to the subway station that’s like five minutes away and road the subway west to the Bathurst St. station. Then I walked back east for the afternoon until I got tired. I jumped another subway and road back to my car. Pretty easy, I’ve got to admit. Only six buck’s too — three each way. That’s what parking would have cost, but then there’s gas and the aggravation of driving downtown. Plus, I just didn’t feel like driving today. I shot this one in Yorkville, which is sort of our poor man’s Rodeo Drive, or maybe Fifth Avenue. I saw this guy in a suit just standing there and just as I was about to shoot him a women stuck her hand into my shot without realizing I was taking a photo. Couldn’t have worked out better. Just one of those lucky moment. Hope you like it.

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