Big Ass Ramp

This shot goes back to late April, taken during an outing with the photo walks group. We actually wore jackets back then. This was taken under a ramp to the Don Valley Parkway, which is a major artery in and out of the city. I drive the DVP every day to work. It can be a bit of a nightmare but it’s usually not so bad. Hope you like it.

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6 Responses to Big Ass Ramp

  1. Ha! You should come out here to San Diego and take a look at the I-805 bridge over Mission Valley. It’s about a mile up in the air! Well, maybe not quite that much, but it’s huge.

  2. HMB says:

    “Gritty.” That word popped into my mind before I’d even scrolled down so I could see the entire photo. Very urban. Very tactile. And yet, deserted. Until I read your description, I thought it might have been a derelict area.

    Good photo. Thanks.

  3. There are ramps like that near where I am, and it’s funny that while I can hear the muffles sounds of traffic overhead, it’s near deserted below, giving an almost end-of-the-world feeling to me. I feel like the last man on the world, standing beneath these decaying monuments of a dead civilization. Maybe a little dramatic, but surely those in the middle ages felt the same when standing by the aqueducts…
    Just my two cents. Great shot, really love it.

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