Shooting the urban jungle

A friend of mine in the photo walk group mentioned that the shadows made this space look like an urban jungle. I didn’t really see it until she mentioned it but now I do clearly. I took this at Brookfield Place in downtown Toronto Saturday with my wide angle lens. That’s Jerome, another member of our group, posing for us. Gotta say, yesterday was a really good day, although I awoke with a mild cold that’s really knocking me out today. Hard to rally to do anything. Fingers crossed it’s short lived. Hope you had a good weekend.

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8 Responses to Shooting the urban jungle

  1. This shot is amazing! The shadows and color and of course the person.

  2. i absolutely love this photo,and i agree that human scale is vital in this photo.Love the colors too.Did it go through post processing?
    Kudos to a great pic!

  3. milkayphoto says:

    Awesome layers of texture and color here. Is Jerome asking “Why, why?” 😉

  4. the wuc says:

    Really like this one. Like the scale, shadows and orange. All strikes a slightly off-center feel which is quite welcome!

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