Six dolled up ladies

Shooting storefronts is often like shooting fish in a barrel. Well, I assume it is. I’ve never actually shot fish in a barrel. I snapped this photo back in early May. Man I wish we had that weather right now. I’m not good with the heat. Oh well, it’s summer, right, what should we expect? Anyway, today’s day one of my four day weekend. Haven’t gotten up to anything yet but I’m heading out shortly to get some stuff done. Hope you have a good Friday.

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4 Responses to Six dolled up ladies

  1. HMB says:

    So retro! I like the photo.
    Is there a holiday creating the 4-day? We have our Independence Day next Wednesday. Big craziness always ensues. It’s an excuse for individuals to shoot fireworks, drink lots of beer, attend family picnics, head for the lakes, drive drunk, and generally make asses of themselves. I try to omit nearly all of that, but somehow I still frequently manage the last.

  2. D.E.Bishop says:

    Have a happy holiday. Canada is my favorite nation, other than the U.S. Sometimes I’m not sure if I ought to change the order of that. I think Canada is a great nation. Plenty to celebrate.

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