Fishing Ashbridge’s Bay

Well, despite being sunburned and a tad hungover this morning I managed to drag my sorry arse out to Ashbridge’s Bay to meet up with John (the fisherman) and take some photos for a shoot for Local Magazine. Sarah — Local’s founder and publisher extraordinaire — is doing a story on fishing that features John. The shoot worked out great, but in the short time I was there I ended up drenched with sweat, and the day had hardly begun. Man, I hate this heat. But my shots are all edited now and I’m ready to get on with the day. Coincidentally, the very first time I went out with my camera for a day of shooting it was down here at Ashbridge’s Bay.

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6 Responses to Fishing Ashbridge’s Bay

  1. This has to be one of my favorites of yours. The blue, blue and reflection. I’ve learned from you how much putting a person in a shot adds to it. thanks for sharing your great pics and photography advice.

  2. Inga says:

    Love the atmosphere in this. Great composition. 🙂

  3. Chloe says:

    waaah ! that’s so beautiful & the blue sky and sun shine… i feel so cold here

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