Musicians at rest


Went out yesterday with the Toronto Photo Walks group. Very long day. Ended up out in the west end in Parkdale and High Park. My first tens years on the planet were spent out that way, actually; before my folks moved to the east beaches. Anyway, the end of the day wrapped up at a raunchy little spot called The Cadillac Lounge. I noticed these musicians setting up and decided to ask them if I could get their photo. They were happy to oblige. One of the waitresses has kind enough to let me photograph her, as well. She’s quite the beauty. It was her birthday, to boot. Anyway, hope you like them. Got a busy day today doing chores for the coming work week.

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4 Responses to Musicians at rest

  1. tone says:

    That’s some impressive styling on the dudes

  2. milkayphoto says:

    My, she IS a beauty! Wonderful portrait, Dave.

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