Leave the boxes by the door…

This shot goes back to late June. I remember it was a hot one that day. I noticed these somewhat colourful boxes next to this doorway and just liked how all the colours seems to lend well to one another. Hope you like it.

So I booked tomorrow off to see my doctor about my sleep issues. Simply, I think I need to get medicated, as much as I dread the idea of it. I’m also going to get a referral to see a psychiatrist. A friend of mine is a big wig at a major hospital and will hook me up with someone good, but I need the referral or it won’t be covered under our universal healthcare. I’m not really looking forward to this, but I guess I’m at a point where I know I need help. So there you have it.

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6 Responses to Leave the boxes by the door…

  1. Frances says:

    Nice photo..but more importantly good for you for taking the steps. You might find it’s not so bad..and actually look forward to going. I wish you the best ! Take Care!

  2. that first step is the hardest. good for you. have I mentioned that I like the titles to your photos? I do.

  3. spiderpaw says:

    I have sleep issues as well. I sincerely hope things work out for you. Good luck.

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