Dundas Square Mennonites

Talk about out of place. This group of Mennonites showed up out front of the Eaton Centre Saturday, right across from Dundas Square, and started singing religious songs. It was quite nice, actually. I’m not a religious person but I do try to respect the beliefs of others, save for the Scientology cult. It must have taken a lot of courage to come out and sing on a busy street corner like that. Anyway, I snapped a few photos of them and of the lot this one’s my favourite. Hope you like it.

Saw the doctor again today. He’s referring me to East General to get the help I need. Not sure how long that’s all going to take to happen. I hope not long. I’m still very sick, and exhausted, to boot. I may give the sleeping pills another shot once I get over this nasty cold.

On another note, today is the 8th anniversary of my mother’s passing. Boy was that a different time in my life. I think of her often and still miss her. We were very close. I really haven’t been the same since.

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6 Responses to Dundas Square Mennonites

  1. I’m impressed with the movement in this photo, and the subjects’ attention diverted in differing directions. I find myself wanting to be there to see just what all was going on.

  2. fran says:

    That is an awesome photo . You are so good. Sorry about your mom. My dad passed 2 months ago. I have not been the same either. The poem is great i hope u get what u need at east general.

  3. astrawally says:

    what a unique and wonderful moment you have stumbled upon here and caught very nicely. Has an old documentary feel/look. My heart is with you during your anniversary time.

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