Wanted, Vehicle Upholsterer — Experience Necessary

I’ve photographer this truck numerous times over the years, even back when all I had was my old point & shoot camera. It’s a fixture down at the Distillery District. This shot really shows off the power of Lightroom 4. The original photo had lots of dark shadows, hiding much of the interior, but after some work with the shadow slider and clarity slider, I was able to recover most of it. Hope you like it. Off to work. Happy Monday.

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8 Responses to Wanted, Vehicle Upholsterer — Experience Necessary

  1. Chloe says:

    nice title – i like the hdr tones to this shot

  2. milkayphoto says:

    Ouch! NOW that would be one uncomfortable ride! Pefect title on this one. 🙂

  3. Jane Boyle says:

    So I’ve finally taken a bit of time to really peruse the large body of work on your website. I really love your pics but I have a total of 6 on my wish list. This is one of them. I’m drawn to the contrasting patterns and the crispness. I can almost smell that cab.

    • Hi Jane, so nice to hear from you. Glad you like my photography. It’s funny. The first time I ever went out with a camera taking photos was with your sister, Margaret, waaay back in the ’90s. This was like, ten years before I picked it up again. I had an ancient (it was cutting edge at the time) Sony Mavica digital camera. I think it was a whopping 1.3 megapixels and it stored something like 10 photos onto a floppy disk. The one I shoot with now is 18 megapixels with a sensor 10 times larger. Back then, before WordPress, Flickr, Facebook, and even Google, there was nowhere to post one’s photos to share, so I didn’t really see any point in it. But I did have fun with Margaret that day and I recall she even took a portrait of me. I think she was shooting film but I can’t recall, it was so long ago.

      Anyway, sure hope you and Margaret can make it next weekend. Thanks again for popping by.

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