Banjo girl plays Kensington

I’ve photographed this banjo playing girl before, on her front porch. My experience with her is that if you ask she’ll say yes, but try to take her photo without asking and she’ll balk. She’s really talented. Not sure if she plays in a band, but she certainly could. I took this at Kensington Market a month or so back. The storefront in the background belongs to one of two of the most annoying clothing stores in the city. Not sure if you have this sort of thing in your city, but we have three retailers who are complete narcissists — like, insane with their self-importance. Much like many retailers they purchase ad time on the radio daily. Unlike most, though, they do their own commercials, but to listen to them they sound like they actually think they are doing a public service by sharing their crap with the radio listener. One of them talks about his personal vacations and what restaurant he ate at on the weekend, for instance. Who the f%#@ cares! How is that information suppose to drive business to his overprices clothing store? Fortunately, I know their voices well enough that the moment I hear them, I dive for the radio to switch the channel. It’s almost a game for me to see how quickly I can get their voices off my radio. Two are mens’ clothing stores and one is a retail jewellery chain. I would rather kill myself than shop at any of those stores. If the most beautiful girl in the world came into my life and wanted to get married, but insisted the ring come from that Jewellery store, I’d throw her out to the curb so fast she wouldn’t know what happened. I’d rather wear a suit made of human skin, ala Jeffery Dahmer, than a suit from either of these two clothing stores. I refuse to name them out of fear of giving them any advertising on wordpress. Anyway, I’m sure y’all have the same sort of thing in your city: narcissists with money to burn who are willing to drive business away from their stores than give up the chance to hear their own annoying voices on the radio, even if they have to pay for it.

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2 Responses to Banjo girl plays Kensington

  1. mostlymonochrome says:

    She’s got an interesting expression on her face. Can’t tell if she’s happy or not.

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