Blurry Blader

I totally had no idea if I’d get this shot, it happened so fast. I simply swung my camera in the general direction and fired off a round. It’s blurry because I was still moving. Based on F5.6 and ISO 100, the camera determined a shutter speed of 1/80th of a second. That’s fine if you’re taking your time to aim and shoot, but not for hip shots at moving target. To get a quicker shutter speed, I could have shot at a wider aperture, like F4 or F2.8, or increased my ISO. The problem with a wider aperture is it decreases the depth of field (the amount of the scene in focus), which is not something you want when shooting blind from the hip. In fact, you’re better off shooting at F8 or F11 to get a much broader depth of field. So in this instance the only option would have been to increase my ISO, making the sensor more sensitive to light. For each ISO stop I go up, my shutter speed doubles. If I increase my ISO three stops to 800, my shutter speed would have increase to around 1/640th of a second, which would easily freeze a moving target. In this instance, the math goes like this: ISO 100 = 1/80th of a second shutter. Increase the ISO one stop to 200 and you get 1/160th. One more stop to ISO 400 gives you 1/320th. One more stop to ISO 800 gives you 1/640th. This is valuable to know if you’re shooting in dark spaces, like nightclubs. Low light situations means the shutter has to stay open way too long to handhold. To increase the shutter speed, you can widen the aperture and/or increase ISO until you get a shutter speed that works.

Anyway, hope you like the photo.

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