Goodbye Summer 2012

Well I suppose it’s safe to bid the summer of 2012 adieu. For me, it was too hot to really enjoy, but I did have some good times. Truth be told, I’m only mentioning summer as an excuse to show you this photo. 🙂

To full frame or not to full frame, that is the question. During my busy week off one of my chores was to get the sensor on my camera cleaned. I took it to Downtown Camera on Queen St near Church St. They managed to eliminate all the existing dust spots, but when I checked it myself at home I notice there is one new one where one never existed before. Great. I suppose one spot is better than the dozen that were there before. If I was the guy cleaning the sensor, there’s no way I could live with that spot, though. Anyway, while I was there I took a look at the new Canon 5D III full frame camera. I also asked the guy for a written quote, since I wanted the camera with the 24-105 kit lens, a battery grip and extra battery, a couple of cards and a UV filter. We’re talking like thousands of bucks in gear here. The guy said, “Well, it’s best you just wait until you come in to buy it and we can work up a quote then.” Huh!? So I walked over to Henry’s where a nice salesman named John showed me a 5D III and, without my asking, offered to run up a written quote for me. When I got home I called Aden camera and spoke to Mike, the sales guy from whom I purchased my T2i, and he took my list over the phone and called me back a half hour later with an amazing price, like $500 less than anywhere else. Then the next day (yesterday) he called again and said his manager to him to call me and knock another $100 off! The big question is, should I pull the trigger on this badboy? I remember when I bought my T2i from Aden. A full year after buying it, the camera was still selling for $100 more than the price I got it for. In other words, they are very competitive in their pricing. I don’t actually have the cash for such extravagances, but I could throw it on my line of credit. The responsible adult in me is saying, no you can’t afford it, don’t do it. The kid in me is saying, EARLY CHRISTMAS PREZZY SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA! 🙂

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10 Responses to Goodbye Summer 2012

  1. mostlymonochrome says:

    For me, it was too wet to enjoy.

  2. Rick says:

    Naw don’t do it ’cause that’s what I would do and then worry! LOL

  3. astrawally says:

    I was once told that we instantly make every decision we ever face and that indecision comes from when try to understand that choice in order to assess if it could possibly be the wrong one? Yet no matter how hard we debate it we ultimately, in the end, go for the choice we originally made. I think it’s a long winded follow your heart really… anyway I don’t know if you have made your choice or not but I say go for it! There is only room for on thing in everybody’s grave! …. also excellent response to the YOLO comment:) Great work!!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Astrawally. I tend to look at things like this: Our mind is remarkable at being able to twist things around in ways to make us able to justify decisions, especially when it comes to the “wants” in life. But our gut does not “want” anything. Our gut is like an objective observer that has no bias. If our head says yes to something it really should be saying no to, our gut will speak up and tell us no by putting butterflies in our stomach and waking us up at 2:00 AM and giving us an overall bad feeling about the decision. The gut has no voice so it has to use other methods to address its displeasure at our head’s decision. Get me?

      Right now, my gut is telling me that taking on another $5K worth of debt is not a good idea when my full time job is really up in the air. The fact is, I’m not well and there really is no hope in me getting well. Currently, my perpetual lack of sleep has brought on anxiety and depression that is not going away. Inevitably, my sleep issue will cost me my full time job and likely prevent me from being able to work full time again. This will mean selling my house since I won’t be able to afford to pay my bills. So, with that glaring elephant in the room, or more appropriately, in my gut, it would be foolish for me to spend money I do not have.

      The flip side is that if I had a professional camera I may be able to turn that into work, once I find myself out of a full time job. But that’s just a lofty idea at the moment.

      But I’m still considering it. I’m meeting my dad for coffee today and going to discuss it with him. He’s good at knocking me down with reality. We’ll see.

      • astrawally says:

        That is some weight to carry LP! The gut is has no bias… I like this idea but butterflies for me are both good and bad, just my opinion though. Definitely good idea to have coffee and gab with dad, I know that would be my first choice if I was debating hard!
        As for the rest, if you would like I can always listen. Don’t know if it will help but the offer stands!
        I hope the choices becomes clear for you. Enjoy the coffee!

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