Well it’s coming on a year since the Occupy Movement took over and ruined a park in downtown Toronto. Thankfully, the capitalist pigs they are sooo against donated the time and money to fix the many tens of thousands in damages done to that park. So where are we now, a year later? Not really sure, since most of the trouble took place south of the border. Our regulations sort of saved us from getting into too much trouble. In Europe we see entire countries on the verge of failing and in California we see cities that have already gone bankrupt. Only time will tell what the future will hold. Here in Toronto we have a Mayor who has been trying to get our spending under control, but he’s up against a bunch of lefties on council who are desperate to tax and spend our great city straight into bankruptcy. Unfortunately, our Mayor happens to be a bit of an embarrassment, which does not help his cause. Almost weekly he’s getting himself onto one mess after another. Anyway, thought I’d post a photo from the movement, taken during one of their final marches downtown.

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