Here’s another shot from Kensington Market. Not really sure what they’re selling here. Clothing, I suppose. I saw this as an opportunity to try out my portrait composition. Anyway, hope you like it.

So I’ve been doing some reading on the 5D Mark III I’m picking up tomorrow and I’m actually feeling a bit intimidated. Boy there’s a lot to learn, I mean a LOT! It’s not the learning part that I find intimidating, it’s the remembering part. The AF (auto focus) system alone is amazingly complicated, with a number of options for a variety of situations. I can’t imagine I’ll use them all but I will have to learn them all, won’t I — or what’s the point. One thing I like is that I can create three customized groups of settings, based on how I shoot. For instance, I can set the camera up for indoor shooting, like with a higher ISO value (or Auto ISO limited to no greater than 3200), faster aperture, a min. shutter speed, and a tungsten white balance, then save this entire set-up as C1 on the dial. Now, when I walk indoors from outside I can simply switch the dial to C1 and I’m ready to go. I’ll also set up one of the three custom dial settings for motion blur shots and maybe one for portraits. But that’s just the tip of a very deep iceberg. It’s going to be a looong haul learning this beast. I’ll post some photos of it once I get it home tomorrow, or maybe a video taken with my T2i.

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6 Responses to Incognito

  1. Frances says:

    That is one expensive camera you are getting…. it will be exciting learning all about it. It’s great that you will be challenged. Hope you enjoy it ! I know you will !

    • Thanks Frances. The main thing is getting it to a usable state as soon as possible. Then I can work on all the various custom stuff from there. I’ve got the manual and two books in my eReader for this camera so far, so I’m in pretty good shape. And there’s tons of resources on YouTube for it.

  2. 5D Mark III? I’m jealous!

    As far as the picture goes, I’m not sure I’d buy from them, but it’s a fascinating shot.

  3. Chloe says:

    a new camera is very, very exciting! 🙂

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