Bus zooms by



One of the many reasons I bought the Canon 5D Mrk III was for its ability to set custom programs for how I like to shoot. One of them I set up was for pan and blur shots. Basically, by throwing the dial over to the C3 setting the camera automatically switches to shutter priority at 1/15th of a second, auto ISO with a ceiling of 6400, high speed continues shooting mode, and the IA servo mode for moving objects. I saw these buses coming down the road, flipped over to C3 and fired away. Took maybe 8 shots in each case, of which these two are the best. Hope you like them. Happy Saturday.

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7 Responses to Bus zooms by

  1. brought to mind the movie Speed. These are cool shots.

  2. Chloe says:

    that’s a cool feature, i love these style of shots but i can’t get a clear subject

  3. teo says:

    It looks great, very tricky of you – when I understand how you did it I’ll try it too 🙂

    • Thanks Teo. It’s pretty easy, really. Simply follow the bus with the camera and keep shooting, but at a slow shutter speed so you get that blur effect in the background. The bus remains more in focus because you are tracking it as you shoot.

      • teo says:

        That I once tried with a squirrel and it didn’t really work, I need to practice it more… Or maybe the squirrel was too fast for me 🙂 I’ll try it with snails the next time 😉

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