Night rider


Here’s another shot from my evening at Kensington Market back in July. I had a lot of fun that night, and boy was it hot.

I want to share a little something I wrote earlier this evening. There’s a little cursing in it, I’ll warn ya now.


Jacintha Saldanha, Now You Know Her Name

Jacintha Saldanha. Until a couple of days ago she was one of the many rank and file nurses working tirelessly at the King Edward VII hospital in London. She was 46 years old, married with two children and had a modest home in Bristol. Everyone who knew her said she was a lovely person. Like most of us, she undoubtedly lived in relative obscurity, unknown outside of her circle of life – family, friends, patients, coworkers, neighbours, etc. Simply, the rest of the world had no reason to know her name. I certainly didn’t, and neither did you. Maybe you still don’t. Yet.

At 5:30 AM Tuesday morning, Dec 4th – a mere 19 days before Christmas – Jacintha Saldanha had the misfortune to be manning the phones at the hospital when a prank call came in from two Australian morning radio DJs. They managed to convince her she had the Queen of England on the line, all in an effort to garner information on Duchess Kate Middleton’s condition. Middleton was in the hospital recovering from severe morning sickness at the time. Saldanha, duped by the pranksters, transferred the call and the prank was on.

It wasn’t long before this “harmless” prank became worldwide news. Everyone had a good laugh, I suspect. Seems the media has a short memory, considering it was only 15 years ago that Princess Diane’s life came to a tragic end in a Paris tunnel running from them.

This morning, Dec 7th, three days later, Jacintha Saldanha was found unconscious at the nurses residence near the hospital. Paramedics at the scene were unable to revive her. Although unconfirmed at this point, it appears she’d taken her own life.

Jacintha Saldanha. Until a couple of days ago, I didn’t know her name. You didn’t either. We fucking know it now, though, don’t we! We shouldn’t know it, but we do. All because we live in a world that gets off on the public humiliation of others. Are we done yet?

I’d like to wish the two Australian DJs a very merry Christmas this year. I hope they have lots to talk and laugh about with their families over the holidays. Maybe they can take a minute between rum-laced eggnogs and signing Christmas carols to say a prayer for the heartbroken husband and two children of the woman they helped put in the fucking ground, at 46 years old. Nice job, mates.

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